Alexandria Tow TruckThere are many reliable towing services in and around you offering different methods of towing. To safely move your car or truck, there are several factors to consider when choosing a towing service. Before making any type of a decision, it’s important to get quotes from a number of companies to get an idea of the cost of towing your vehicle. Here are a few of the different methods of towing used by companies almost anywhere you go or find yourself around the United States.

  • Towing Trucks and Trailers

Tow truck and trailer towing services use different methods depending on the distance to be travelled. For a short distance, they typically use a high-pressure tow truck with hydraulic jacks. They can also use high-performance flatbed trucks for transporting household goods and furniture. If your vehicle is over 10 feet long, it will have a special trailer designed to handle the extra weight.

  • Towing Semi-Trailer Truck

Towing a semi-trailer truck is another common towing method used by towing services. Semi-trailer trucks come with a flatbed hitch and a hydraulic brake system, which allow the truck to stop without the assistance of a motorist. They are available in both tow trucks and four-wheel drive modes. This style of towing service uses a remote control to raise or lower the bucket depending on the towing method used.

  • Towing Standard Vehicles

Towing a standard utility trailer is another way to move your belongings on your own. These types of trailers are available at most major retailers, along with truck rental services and other towing services. A standard utility trailer is able to haul anything from a canoe to a recreational vehicle or a boat. Many of these trailers are equipped with winches to raise the load as well as strong tie-downs to hold the items securely. Some models of this style of towing services use a hydraulic system to raise the load, while others use a mechanical lift.

  • Motorcycle Towing

Towing a motorcycle is a common way to move a car, but you should know a few things before selecting towing services. Motorcycles are not nearly as large as automobiles, so you should keep that in mind when speaking to towing companies. Also, motorcycles tend to have more electronics than cars, so some motorcycle companies include special equipment in their rates to accommodate your needs. Still, with a little bit of research, you should be able to find a good motorcycle towing service that provides all of the services you need at a fair price.

  • Special Types of Towing

When it comes to towing, you would need to contact a towing company to help you with other types of towing. These could be towing of things like grounded cars or broken equipment in your home. These are not categorized as part of the man towing services. You only choose what works for you at all times. And when you ask any towing company, they’ll be willing to customize their services to meet your specific needs. And this is why you need to ensure you work with the best towing services at all times.

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