Many of the new cars are equipped with factory bumpers and struts, but it is still important for tow truck drivers to practice safety techniques around these vehicles. Before dismounting the vehicle, the driver should always check for “smoker” bumps that are normally caused by incompletely installed struts or bumper protection. The smoke from the exhaust can cause a vehicle to leak fuel, which would greatly increase the risk of leaking oil or hydrocarbons into the air. Also, all tires should be inspected. If you see uneven wear on the tires, a small piece of debris has likely struck your car, which could lead to a leak.

Towing Different Vehicles

Towing service providers also tow high-performance vehicles, such as Formula D Racing trucks and street-going versions of Dodge’s Ram muscle car. Although high-performance trucks are generally more expensive to insure, they often generate far less debris during an accident, making them a much safer choice than most standard cars. Although it may cost more to tow Dodge muscle cars, it would be a wise choice to save a few hundred dollars and purchase a safer vehicle that will prevent an accident in the first place. Most insurance companies will not pay towing services for high-performance vehicles, so it may be necessary to contact your insurance company about payment arrangements for towing your high-performance car if you want to remove it from the road without incurring too much additional damage.

What Tow Trucks Driver Need

As a driver, you should have the proper training, experience, and tools to operate a tow truck safely. The American Society of Tow Truck Drivers and Insurance Information Institute strongly recommends that drivers meet a minimum requirement of at least 18 years old since most accidents occur when the driver is not trained properly for the vehicle they are driving. It is also important that the individual has at least a minimum of a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) and liability insurance.

Ensuring Safety in Towing

When it comes to hooking up to a tow trucks, it is important to read the instruction manual carefully before beginning the job. Some manufacturers of tow trucks include instructions with their vehicles to help prevent damage to the tow vehicle and increase the safety of the operation. Several factors affect how well a driver will be able to hook up to a tow vehicle. These factors include the make and model of the vehicle, how many people will need to ride in the vehicle, and how many hookups can be made at one time. The most important thing to remember is that when a tow truck driver has completed the initial hookup and established a good relationship with the tow truck company, they will know exactly what steps to take to ensure the vehicle is safely hooked up and will be able to complete the most number of hookups in the safest possible manner.


Tow trucks are critical in today’s world. This is because you’ll need help from an expert to tow your vehicle when you’re stuck. And this is why you need to know a company with good towing trucks and services around you.

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