towing AlexandriaAs more people continue to find themselves in need of a towing service, the towing industry has adjusted to this demand by offering a range of services. Towing companies have added satellite technology to their fleets to help them offer satellite-based GPS tracking systems to their customers. This allows them to better direct their drivers where to go and when to return to pick up or haul away their cargo, again preventing the need for the public to use their local towing companies. In addition, many towing companies are offering extra services to their clients in an effort to retain business. These include helping people with flat tires and offering road assistance. While these services are not mandatory to most clients, they are certainly good customer service additions.

  • Road Side Assistance Towing Services Near Me

Roadside assistance is a service offered by almost every major towing company. This service usually involves reaching the location of the car owner’s vehicle as soon as possible to see if the car is safe to drive. From there, the towing company will safely bring the vehicle to the customer’s location, often without ever meeting the car owner. The customer often pays for these services through a fee per mile. However, not all tow services offer roadside assistance.

  • Towing a Wrecker

Another common type of service being offered by many towing companies in the towing of a wrecker. This is a specialized type of truck that has been built specifically to tow a vehicle, including its engine. Some larger wreckers can tow anything up to 1 ton (with a jack). Some are designed only to tow large vehicles, while others are designed to perform smaller jobs, like tree restorations and landscaping. Again, the customer is responsible for providing their own equipment in this instance, so it is important to check with your company if they have the specific types of equipment needed to service your wrecker.

  • Long Distance Towing Services

A towing service near me may also provide long-distance service. In this case, the towing company will use a road train to remove your automobile from your driveway or an alternate route and then will bring it to the destination. Depending on the distance and time of day that your vehicle will be towed, you may have to pay a little extra to have the auto towed as well. Most companies offer this option and often choose to use a road train because this provides a faster way to move cars, which saves on gas.

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Special features of some models include airbags, antifreeze, side airbags, locking tail lights, traction tires, tire chains, brake lights, and turn signals. These features are designed to reduce towing stress and increase safety for both the driver and the vehicle towing the vehicle. A towing service can choose to use one of many different types of towing equipment to get your vehicle to the destination. They may use tie-downs, side ditches, or even a pull bar. Determine the towing safety methods that will work best for your situation to ensure that you are safe while traveling.

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