Alexandria, Virginia is a fun, vibrant place to live in or to visit. It is an area that is rich in history and in plenty of fun things to see and do in the area. If you are looking for some local places of interest to explore, then perhaps we can help you. Below, you will find many local treasures that we feel are worth a visit, or places that are favored by many people in the region. Perhaps, you too, may find some of these activities interesting and unforgettable for your next day out and about exploring in Alexandria.

Old Town Alexandria is certainly a nice place to visit, especially if the weather is nice and you have plenty of time to walk through the quaint city streets at your leisure. Old Town is located just along the banks of the Potomac River. The area is dotted with old, cobblestone streets and architecture that dates back to the 18th-century. People in the area will find a wide variety of cafes, boutiques, pubs, small museums, historical landmarks, and many other places of interest to enjoy. Time in this area can be as relaxing, or as invigorating, as you wish.

While you are in Old Town Alexandria, a visit to Gadsby’s Tavern Museum is a great place to explore the local history, as well as this iconic structure. The 2-building structure, which was built around the late 1780’s to early 1790’s, was the home to Gadsby’s Tavern and the City Hotel. Many famous people have been known to visit the building, and you can learn much about the history, and the significance, of the place while you are in the museum.

The Torpedo Factory Art Center is another must-see while you are in the Old Town Alexandria area. Originally a warehouse for torpedo construction, and later a naval munitions storage location, the building is now an art center that is open to the public all throughout the year. This is a functional art center that allows visitors the chance to interact with local artists, as the artwork is viewed, purchased, and demonstrated to guests. Everything from photography, ceramics, jewelry, and so many other crafts can be seen in the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

Visitors at the Carlyle House Historic Park will enjoy a step-back-in-time, as they tour this historic mansion that was constructed in the mid-1750’s. Located on North Fairfax Street, this historic mansion and well-maintained property offers a unique look at the original Georgian architecture that was used during that time period. Tours include visiting the inside of the mansion, access to the beautiful gardens, and there is a museum shop that is on-site, as well.

Alexandria has so many wonderful and educational places to explore throughout the region. In addition to exploring the local history of the area, visitors can also enjoy a plethora of unique dining options and shops/boutiques to enjoy, too. There is no shortage of peaceful places to relax and entertaining establishments to enjoy while in the Alexandria community.

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