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Springfield Towing Service is a proud part of the Springfield Virginia community and is happy to lend a helping hand to the fine folks that work in and around our city. At Springfield Towing Service, we seek to provide an unrivaled level of service and professionalism that drivers can rely on. Our doors are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, providing customers the utmost convenience and emergency help. Our service options breakdown into two subgroups, towing service, and roadside assistance.

With our towing service, you will find a large variety of towing options so you can choose the right one for your vehicle and circumstance. We offer light-duty towing, medium-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, specialized towing, motorcycle towing, and long-distance towing service. Our selection of different towing options is far more extensive than other companies in the area.

When it comes to roadside assistance, Springfield Towing Service is no slouch either. We have an amazing staff that is well versed in providing the kind of assistance our customers need. We provide a wide range of roadside assistance options that include fuel delivery service, lockout service, tire change service, accident recovery, jump start service, and much more.

Our payment options are just as convenient as our services. No need to worry about the cash in your wallet or finding a local atm, we accept all major credit cards with support for mobile pay as well. To learn more about our company, roadside assistance options, towing services, or to receive a personalized service quote you can call our offices anytime.

For an accurate rate quote, we need basic information about your vehicle’s make and model, as well as the pick-up and drop-off locations. Within just a few moments we can generate a customized rate quote for any of our premium towing services or roadside assistance. Always remember for any of your towing or assistance needs you can count on Springfield Towing Service to get the job done right.


Why You Should Choose Springfield Towing Service


Our strong emphasis on customer service is the main reason that customers continue to choose Springfield Towing Service as their preferred roadside assistance and towing provider. We have a hand-picked team of drivers and dispatchers that exemplify our value system and hold customer service in high regard.

Due to the reputation of many companies in our industry, customers are wary of hidden fees and careless service, but at Springfield Towing Service, we do our best to reverse those negative notions. We boast a perfect safety record with zero incidents over many years in business. We are continuing to find the best ways to load and secure our customers’ vehicles. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate any unnecessary wear and tear and to keep ensure the roads are safe for all drivers.

Springfield Towing Service is also known for having the fastest response times in the industry, which is another way we separate ourselves from other tow truck companies. On average, you can expect our drivers to be on location fifty percent faster than other companies in town. The reason we prioritize fast response times is the inherent danger of customers being stuck on the shoulder of a highway or busy thoroughfare. The quicker we arrive on site, the quicker we can ensure you are back on the road and out of danger. Moreover, a clear shoulder makes things generally safer for other drivers on the roads.

Springfield Towing Service is the company that cares about you, which is why we are the best choice anytime you need towing service or roadside assistance. To see real customer testimonials check out our reviews on Yelp! or Google. We have earned 5-star ratings on both sites and you can read what customers like you have to say!


Springfield Towing Service Fleet


Springfield Towing Service has a complete fleet of late-model flatbed tow trucks. Our trucks are equipped with hydraulic steel beds that articulate up to 50 degrees. The 6-way adjustment of the tow truck bed and heavy-duty hydraulic winch setup, allows us to load and tow a large variety of vehicles in nearly any scenario.

If your vehicle is stuck in the mud or you need to remove an old vehicle from the deep corners of your property, Springfield Towing Service can get it done. Another advantage to our flatbed trucks is the security they provide during towing. Many companies use cheaper and smaller wheel lift style tow trucks.

Wheel lift trucks are popular for their small form factor and ease of use but they do not offer the safety of a flatbed truck. With a flatbed, the vehicle being towed is fully supported and secured down to the steel bed, and because all four wheels are off the ground we eliminate any wear and tear on the tow vehicle while also providing increased safety and control during transport. Our fleet exclusively features flatbed style tow trucks, so your car or truck is always in good hands.


Springfield Towing Service’s Excellent Towing Team


Springfield Towing Service is extremely proud of our amazing team of drivers and dispatchers. They embody the ideals our company was built on and have helped us maintain our sterling reputation over the years. Our drivers display a level of professionalism and expertise that is not commonly found in our industry. All drivers have trained in conjunction with high-end transport companies to learn industry-leading techniques for loading, transporting, and unloading our customers’ vehicles with the care they deserve. In addition to our world-class team of drivers, we also have an elite group of dispatchers.

Dispatchers at Springfield Towing Service are a group of caring and compassionate individuals. Each dispatcher is empowered to do what’s best for customers to ensure they are safe and out of danger. All dispatchers are trained in de-escalation techniques to lower the stress levels of panicked callers. Overall our team is comprised of the faces and voices that our customers have grown accustomed to, and we look forward to serving you with the personalized care, compassion, and professionalism you have come to expect from Springfield Towing Service.

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