tow truck AlexandriaA tow truck is simply a large truck employed to move improperly parked, disabled, impounded, or otherwise inadequately towed motor vehicles with the help of a pulling vehicle. Tow trucks are often referred to as “tow-trucks,” and they pull behind other vehicles in heavy traffic to help those in wheelchairs or mobility challenged individuals to transfer their vehicle to a waiting vehicle safely. Tow trucks are often seen on major thoroughfares like expressways or freeways. The basic function of a tow truck, which pulls the disabled or uninjured vehicle to a safe location, is typically a lifesaver for many drivers.

Safety First

Unfortunately, it can also be very dangerous to pull a disabled or immobile vehicle alone without the assistance of an experienced tow truck driver. While it is legal in most states to drive a vehicle without a driver under the age of 18, drivers should be wary of attempting to drive a vehicle that may be severely damaged or jammed into a parking space. Driving a severely damaged vehicle is extremely risky, and could put both the driver and passengers in danger if not performed correctly. Not only is it illegal, it is extremely dangerous. Drivers who attempt to do manual labor or perform any other unsafe task while operating a flatbed tow truck, are subject to wide-ranging fines and even jail time. Therefore, it is important to be extremely careful when operating such a large, heavy vehicle in traffic and always call in a professional whenever you have any questions or concerns regarding the operation of your vehicle.

How They Work

Tow trucks near me are usually large trucks that are built for transporting large vehicles in high-profile traffic. Tow trucks are frequently used to transport dumpster-bed vehicles, but they are also used to transport almost any other type of disabled or oversized vehicle. Tow trucks are often seen on major thoroughfares like expressways or freeways. The primary function of a tow truck, is to make moving a vehicle from one location to another, much easier than if the vehicle was to be carried on the back of another vehicle. Many tow trucks can easily handle most cars, but larger or heavier ones may need special equipment to move them. Additionally, many tow trucks have very powerful hydraulic jacks that can securely place most vehicles securely in place.

What You Use For Larger Vehicles

A wrecker, or tow truck near me, is an even bigger vehicle that is used to transport both cars and dumpsters. Unlike a tow truck that transports vehicles that are severely damaged in some other way, a wrecker will not only accept vehicles that are improperly parked, but it will also transport virtually any type of item that is big enough to be moved by truck. Typical items that are transported this way include furniture and appliances. A single wrecker can carry approximately 200 pounds of weight and is designed to be able to lift and place most types of vehicles comfortably within its chassis. Because most wrecks occur after a vehicle has been improperly parked, it is common to need the help of a wrecker to remove the car from the ground completely and to place it properly in a secure place on the ground.

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