Alexandria Accident recoveryA towing dolly is attached to the rear of a car and used to tow medium and heavy-duty vehicles behind you. The dolly is then carried slightly above ground level, typically up to a meter away from the car. This procedure takes only a few seconds, even for long distances. Anyone trying to use a towing dolly on a busy highway should become familiar with second-party or other towing systems. It is much safer to pull over and let a driver use the dolly than try to drive out of range of an emergency tow unit.

  • Flatbed

Flatbed towing, which is also known as a tow behind service, uses the rear wheels of your car or SUVs as a platform to tow or pull behind another vehicle. Usually, such towing is only allowed in very clean, dry, and marshy areas. Even if your vehicle passes all these standards, you should still practice proper towing procedures to avoid unnecessary complications. Towing a car with a flatbed towing system may not always be possible due to engine conditions, weight limitations, and terrain, but if you are experienced with flatbed towing, you can still perform the basic towing steps.

There are many towing methods available, including tie-downs, air towing, and the new hot tow rope. Depending on your needs, you should pick the appropriate method. Some of the most common methods include:

  • Tie downs

Towing a vehicle using a tie-down tie-down is the simplest way to towing. A truck is driven into the truck bed with the towing dolly in front. Tie downs are best used with two-wheel drive trucks and larger towing vehicles like dump trucks. A small tow dolly is then used to support the truck while it is in the bed of the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from moving while in transport.

  • Tow bars

Towing a vehicle with a tow bar is another simple way to towing. The tow bar is connected to a series of braces under the vehicle. When you press down on the braces, the towing unit is released to tow the trailer behind the truck. The tow bar may also be adjusted to increase the towing capacity of the vehicle. If you are looking for an economical and convenient way to tow a vehicle, the tow bar is your best option.

  • Chains

Chains are the simplest way to towing a vehicle. You simply use a chain to hook behind the rear wheels. The chain towing units are usually mounted on the rear frame of the truck. To increase the convenience of this method, it is best to have an extra chain on hand because one set can be hooked up to two different wheels.

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As you can see, there are different types of towing that you’ll find here on the market. The best thing that you can do is be sure about the kind of towing you would need. And majorly, this will be determined by the type of towing that you would need.

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