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tow truck AlexandriaCalling for a tow truck is a dreaded ordeal that could plague the mind of any driver who finds themselves in a less than desirable situation. Maybe you’ve tried calling friends, family and even a few acquaintances but no one is able to help. Maybe it’s the dead of winter and you’re slowly losing the feeling in your fingers or its mid-summer and you can feel the sweat dripping down your back, your car is immobile and your stress levels are rising. This is the perfect time to give AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria services a call to come to the rescue, no matter what your vehicle-related troubles might be our towing company will be there to help you. With 24/7 on-call service, AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria services ensure that you will never be left stranded. From motorbikes to compact cars to full-size tour buses and everything in between, AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria has the capacity and experience to get you rolling again.

AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria Towing Services

towing AlexandriaAs every driver out there on the road is aware there is a multitude of possible problems that can arise during every drive, whether it’s a short run to the store, a daily commute or long family road trip. No matter if you need emergency roadside assistance, accident recovery, gas delivery, a jump start or are locked out of your vehicle, AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria services should be your very first call. Our towing company covers a large area in northeastern Virginia including Alexandria, Arlington, Annandale, Springfield and Falls Church counties. Simply give a call to our excellent, attentive customer service team to arrange a tow truck to suit your needs.

AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria Roadside Assistance

AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria


roadside assistance AlexandriaWe here at AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria know that you and your vehicle are busy going places, cruising down highways and puttering through residential neighborhoods. When you need a tow truck you aren’t likely to be in the comfort of your own driveway. This is precisely why AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria offers 24/7 roadside assistance. Whether you are out on a backcountry dirt road, a four-lane highway or small residential crescent, our expert team of drivers can come to you and provide exceptional roadside assistance.

Accident Recovery

As the saying goes, ‘accidents happen’. The team at AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria is familiar with the stress and uncertainty that comes with a road accident. Our team is prepared to perform accident recovery and get your vehicle out of the roadway. Our excellent team is able to transport your vehicle from a minor fender bender or major accident quickly, safely and without causing further damages.

Tire Change ServiceTire Change Alexandria

A simple flat tire is a perfect way to ruin any travel plans, whether you hit a pothole or ran over a nail the result is the same, you aren’t getting anywhere fast. Of course, the talented drivers with AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria know exactly how to fix this. With our 24/7 service, we can quickly assess the situation to change out a flat tire and get you rolling again.

Lockout Service

These days everyone is busy, there are a million things going through your head. You were certain you had the keys in your pocket, you were just happy to have remembered to lock the car or maybe your kids were playing with the buttons. Whatever the reason may be, you now find yourself on the outside the car and your keys are locked inside. Before you start smashing in the windows just give AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria a call. Our drivers have the skills and tools to unlock your doors without leaving you with broken windows and a hefty repair bill.

Alexandria Jump startJumpstart Service

Many of us have been there at some point, you get up early to head to work or you run out of the grocery store to head home; you turn the keys in the ignition and hear nothing. In your rush to park the car you had left the lights on and now your battery is dead. Before you shock yourself trying to jump it on your own just give AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria company a call. Our knowledgeable drivers will give you the boost to set you right in no time at all.

Gas Delivery Service

As you are cruising down the highway you missed an exit, its okay you thought to yourself, you’ll just get gas at the next one. As the miles tick past you start to get anxious, your gas light is on and there are no signs of another gas station anytime soon, suddenly you hear a dreadful ‘putt putt putt’ noise, your engine slows down and you pull over. Your gas has run dry. Before you start walking down the side of the highway, give AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria company a call. Our drivers won’t judge your foolishness and misjudgment, they’ll just deliver you some gas to get you on your way again.

AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria


Tow TrucksAlexandria Tow Truck

We at AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria understand that every situation and vehicle is different from the next; this is why we offer a wide variety of towing options. Our customer service team will expertly assess your situation and dispatch the quickest and most suitable truck available to help you out. Our trucks are equipped to tow or transport everything from a motorbike to full-size stretch limo. Our capable and experienced drivers and tow truck operators can assess the situation and ensure proper transport without causing any further damages.  With both flatbeds and traditional tow trucks available AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria is confident we can arrange a towing service that is professional and surpasses your expectations.

Heavy Duty Towing

You might think that the bigger the vehicle means an even bigger headache and a more stressful undertaking to get it towed. However, with AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria this is certainly not the case! Large and in charge, no job is ever too big or challenging for our heavy duty towing service. Our highly qualified drivers and trucks will provide damage free, high powered towing services to get your large ride rolling again. Our heavy duty towing service provides assistance for some of the largest rides on the road. Whether it’s a bus, a semi-truck, a 5th wheel trailer, a motor home, a dump truck, a cement truck, a garbage truck or even if your tow truck needs a tow; AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria company has got you covered.

Medium Duty TowingAlexandria Accident recovery

You don’t need a heavy duty giant but are too big for your average SUV toting tow truck? Don’t worry, AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria services have got you covered! Not too big and not too small, medium duty towing offers the just right, perfect fit solution for everything in between.  Perhaps you are a delivery or repairman heading out to your last job of the day, suddenly you’re accosted by an absolutely atrocious sound coming from the engine of the company vehicle. Once your string of expletives has subsided your first call should be to the AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria company. With our diverse fleet of vehicles and expert drivers, towing your medium duty job will be like a walk in the park. Specializing in mid-sized vehicles like mail, delivery or repair trucks and vans, small motor homes, recreational vehicles and one-ton box trucks; AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria service ensures the middle vehicle will never be forgotten or ignored.

Light Duty Towing

If you aren’t heavy and you aren’t medium duty then you’re definitely a lightweight. AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria service provides top of the line towing for every smaller sized vehicle. Maybe you are rushing out the door to work only to find your engine will only make an ominous ‘vrr vrr vrr’ sound before quitting on you. Perhaps the whole family plus the dog is packed tightly into the mini-van, heading down the interstate when you hear a ‘clunk clunk clunk’. Maybe your teenage son became a little too inspired after watching the latest car racing movie and is stuck in a muddy ditch. Whatever the case may be, everyone is fine but your vehicle has definitely had better days!

AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria company is your dependable, quick and professional choice to get your vehicle towed. Our light duty tow trucks cover the majority of vehicles whether it’s a motorcycle, a pick-up truck, a minivan, an SUV, a family car or your prized convertible. Our team of skilled drivers will tow away your vehicle in a safe and damage free manner.

towing service AlexandriaWe are proud to be headquartered in Alexandria, Va, but since our inception, we have grown to service some of the great communities that surround us. This includes; Arlington, VA, Annandale, VA, Springfield, VA, and Falls Church, VA. We cannot wait to work with you, and now is the time to see how Alexandria Tow Truck can be of service to you! Or if your in Springfield, VA give our partners at Springfield Tow Truck a call.

With all these options and services there is really nothing AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria can’t do! Give us a call 24/7 to receive the best tow truck services you can find in the Alexandria, VA and surrounding area. With our caring switchboard operators and professional, quick and dependable drivers AJ’s Tow Truck of Alexandria is your first and best choice for all your towing needs!

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